Popularity of the Internet grows steadily every day, and there is no wonder, after all during crisis it has become the only source of advertising which most of advertisers preferred not to refuse. This is due to the fact that on the background of decrease in efficiency of advertising types usual for us, Internet marketing has become an example of meaningful and effective investment in business development.

Do you realize what kind of global role the Internet can play in your business? After all using its resources wisely, you will be able to delineate clearly development stages of your businesses into "before" and "after", and believe us, the difference in rates will be amazing.

So why do you have to wait? Let's start taking first steps and begin the development of the site, serious site as it will become the base for your online business.

You already have a site, but it doesn't bring any benefit? It is fixable, as probably it is the consequence of one of the following reasons:

  • lack of advertising;
  • irrelevance of information on the site;
  • discrepancy of design, structure, text and navigation of the site to expectations and tastes of your target audience;
  • and, of course, irresistible desire to save what isn't always justified.

In this case, it's time to fix everything. Please contact us and we'll make your website the best assistant in the business.


Why does a company need a website?

According to the regular media research gemiusAudience, the number of Belarusian Internet customers who use Internet daily, is growing rapidly, so it is a good time to start searching for clients and partners via internet.

Internet technology allows providing commercial sites with a large number of "hot" target visitors in a short period and with the minimum expenses. This will contribute to a significant increase in sales and to the rising popularity of goods and services as well.

What websites we develop?

What opportunities are opened by your own website?


    Only a site can work nonstop, without days off and even without sleep. It is an ideal worker, isn’t it? It is ready to consult and inform your customer at any time of day and night. If you have no employee who is ready to give all his time to work , then order a website right now, and you will obtain such an employee!


    Your site will tell about the company much more than advertising! The history and achievements of the company, its customers and partners, reviews and letters of gratitude, catalog of goods  and list of services - all these will draw a complete picture of your company and will help a potential client to make a decision in your favor!


    Once you place an advertising link to your website, and its efficiency will increase significantly. It doesn’t matter, if it is an advertising on the radio, or in magazines, on billboards, the main thing is that the quality and design of the site don’t concede to your advertising, and, on the contrary presented your company or its products / services more "loudly" and convincingly. Believe us, a lot of things depend on the site, especially advertising efficiency.


    Image of the company is its public "Me” that is formed for a short period of time and you must take a lot of efforts to change it. You should create the image responsibly, so it was not spontaneous and accidental, but deliberate and thoughtful. The site will create the image which is favorable to your company!


    A well optimized site has more chances to go into top 10 in search engines. A site with a unique design has a better chance be remembered by Internet users. A site with an intuitive interface has more chances to retain visitors. It is the reasonableness of each component of the site that influences the level of its competitiveness. Therefore the site provides an excellent opportunity to bypass your competitors for a short period and to gain Internet audience.


    If you want clients to appear on your website you should advertise it. If you want the advertising to give proper results you should ensure that your website won’t disappoint your clients. Drawing design of the website you should consider its structure and interface. Creating content, it is necessary to envisage, what information will be looked for by target audience. Working on a technical part, it is necessary to provide security of the site and to take care of its high performance. All this takes time, creativity and professionalism as well, but we have no problem with this, so contact us, and the result is no longer to wait!

How we work


We contact the client for negotiation to determine the problems which need to be solved effectively.


In order to achieve successfully the objectives we analyze market conditions, end customers of services/products.


We make all technical documentation, necessary for development of the website.


We create a prototype of the site to think over optimum structure for interaction with the visitor of the site.


We create professional design of the site which will allow attracting new clients and also which will promote convenient search of necessary information on the site.


We make process of a webpage formation according to a ready prototype, i.e. we create a page code by means of language clear to browsers.


At this stage, we connect design, interface and content management system into a single unit, and install the necessary interaction with other websites, services and programs.


At this stage we develop the site by addition of client’s information material. This material passes SEO optimization for increase of its uniqueness.


We check compliance to declared characteristics and requirements (functionality, configuration, usability, security).


Our works

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Technologies that we use

  • HTML5 & CSS3

    HTML5 isn’t  the successor of hypertext markup language, but a new open platform for creating web applications that use audio, video, graphics, animation, and more.

  • Js

    The JavaScript library  focused on interaction between JavaScript and HTML. The jQuery library helps to get easy access to any DOM element, to address to attributes and contents of the DOM elements, to manipulate them.

  • Angular.JS

    JavaScript framework with open source. It is intended for one-page application development. It's goal is the extension of browser-based applications based on MVC template, as well as simplification of testing and development.


    Bootstrap - a free set of tools for developing web sites and web applications. Includes HTML and CSS design templates for typography, web forms, buttons, tags, navigation units and other interface components.

  • AJAX

    Ajax - approach to building interactive user interfaces of Web applications, which consists in "background" data exchange with  browser and web server.

  • PHP

    PHP -  scripting language of general purpose, extensively used for web application development. Leader among the language used to develop dynamic Web sites.

  • 1C-Bitrix

    Content Management System (CMS) with visual tools for creating and editing information. Besides it is the most popular boxed CMS rated by expert group of the TAGLINE project.

  • Yii2

    Yii (acronym for «Yes It Is!») - a framework written in PHP,  implementing the MVC paradigm.

  • Symfony2

    Symfony - a free framework written in PHP 5, which uses pattern Model-View-Controller. Symfony offers rapid development and management of Web applications.

  • Wordpress

    WordPress - content management system with open source distributed under GNU GPL. It is written in PHP, MySQL is used as the database server.

  • Prestashop

    PrestaShop - web application for e-commerce with open source. This application is written in PHP; Smarty is used for writing templates; MySQL is used to create database.

  • Magento

    One of the most popular open system for organization of e-commerce.

  • GIT

    Git is a distributed version of system control. The project was created by Linus Torvalds to manage the development of the core Linux. The first version was released on April 7, 2005.

  • JIRA

    JIRA - commercial bug tracking system, designed to organize dialogue with users, although in some cases the system can be used for project management.


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