Modern business requires the use of a wide range of software. The large number of already complete products from famous vendors allows to optimize significantly processes of commercial organizations. However, complete solutions are often not enough to solve a particular problem of the business process.

In such situation the companies which are engaged in development of bespoken software can come to the rescue of companies’ heads.

Conditionally phases of software development are:

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Advantages of software development in our company:


    During development of bespoken product we use modern methodology that allows to achieve the highest quality of the final product as well as the results corresponding to customer's wishes.


    The beginning of a successful project is a well-written terms of reference as it defines the methodology and techniques used in software development. The structure of the project and primary interface will be defined on the base of this document. Undoubtedly, coordinated work of our staff with experts from the customer is required for optimal preparation of ToR. Errors and inaccuracies at this stage may lead to significant loss of resources at further stages.


    The test tools of our developers will allow excluding possible errors of a program code at the stage of development.


    Constant interaction with the client at all stages of the life cycle of the developed product allows to make changes and additions according to the wishes of the client.


    Experience and professional skills of our developers allow to provide training and consultation on the developed software product that allows to accelerate beginning of its use in the shortest possible time.


    Software developers carry out further software support. Thus, at further cooperation client will be able to receive necessary and timely product updates (change the operating condition, new requirements for the software itself).


    Using services of our professional developers the client doesn’t need to think about difficulties and problems development process. Implementation of the project falls down entirely on their shoulders. As result the client receives the optimum decision in the shortest possible time.

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Technologies that we use

  • HTML5 & CSS3

    HTML5 isn’t the successor of hypertext markup language, but a new open platform for creating web applications that use audio, video, graphics, animation, and more.

  • Angular.JS

    JavaScript framework with open source. It is intended for one-page application development. It's goal is the extension of browser-based applications based on MVC template, as well as simplification of testing and development.

  • C#

    C # - object-oriented programming language. Designed in 1998-2001 as the language of application development for Microsoft .NET Framework platform.

  • ABAP

    High-level proprietary internal programming language of German software company SAP. Along with Java it is a language of application development for SAP NetWeaver Application Server.

  • 1C

    1С — программный продукт компании «1С», предназначенный для автоматизации деятельности на предприятии. Первоначально  было предназначено для автоматизации бухгалтерского и управленческого учётов

  • Oracle

    Oracle Database or Oracle DBMS - the object-relational database management system (DBMS).


    Microsoft SQL Server - relational database management system (DBMS) developed by Microsoft. The main requests language is Transact-SQL, created jointly by Microsoft and Sybase.

  • PostgreSQL

    Free Object-Relational database management system.

  • SAPUI5

    SAPUI5 (SAP User Interface HTML5) - is a framework for developing user interfaces on the basis of cross-browser JavaScript library.

  • S/4HANA

    S / 4HANA - a new version of the ERP-system, a corporate solution for new generation of enterprise resource management, established on the basis of advanced «in-memory» platform SAP HANA.

  • GIT

    Git is a distributed version of system control. The project was created by Linus Torvalds to manage the development of the core Linux. The first version was released on April 7, 2005.

  • JIRA

    JIRA - commercial bug tracking system, designed to organize dialogue with users, although in some cases the system can be used for project management.


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