Due to the original marketing and advertising solutions, competently thought-out design, content and structure using the website will help your company to increase awareness and to gain the trust of potential customers or partners and a competitive advantage as well. We will also help to improve the efficiency of online advertising, to create a favorable information space for the further promotion of goods or services. All these aspects ultimately will have a positive impact on the conversion of the site and on the company's profits.


    We will competently configure Internet advertising which will be directed not on cheat attendance, but on the attraction of the Internet users interested in your goods and services. After all high attendance is not the indicator of efficiency and success. The large number of calls requests and orders – that is the indicator. And as you have to pay for clicks or displays, you should do everything possible to address advertising budget primarily to the people who will eventually become your customers, not just random visitors.


    The cost of our maintenance services, support and administration of the website may often cost you 2-3 times cheaper than maintaining an additional employee. Thus you receive the whole staff of highly qualified specialists, each possessing experiment and competence according to the specialization. In this way you also have no need to look for people and to pay extra money in case your employee doesn't cope with this or that task, besides - you save money, you protect nerves and time.


    If you realize the need of website development, but don’t want to spend money on a "temporary" low-cost site, and at the same time you have no budget for the development of a costly resource, then it is a good time to contact us. Whatever option you choose, you will either way receive a full-fledged qualitative resource, ready for further extensions and amendments, and therefore cooperation with us will relieve you of extra risks and costs.


The popularity of the Internet every day is growing steadily, and it is not surprising, as during the crisis, it was the only source of advertising, which most advertisers prefer not to give up. This is due to the fact that agains...



Modern business requires the use of a wide range of software. The large number of already complete products from famous vendors allows to optimize significantly processes of commercial organizations. However, complete solutions ar...


Web services

In more simple words, the web service is a service provided by the Internet. Web services are not linked to any browser, computer, programming language or operating system; they are autonomous and are used to exchange data between...


Mobile apps

The mobile application is software for the portable device which is adapted for its functionality and features. The mobile application differs from the sites adapted for the mobile phone by high efficiency and speed. In business a...

  • angular.js

    JavaScript framework with open source. It is intended for one-page application development. It's goal is the extension of browser-based applications based on MVC template, as well as simplification of testing and development.

  • yii2 framework

    Yii (acronym for «Yes It Is!») - a framework written in PHP,  implementing the MVC paradigm.

  • PYTHON+Django Framework

    Free framework for web applications written on Python, using the the design template MVC. The project is supported by Django Software

  • 1C - Bitrix

    Content Management System (CMS) with visual tools for creating and editing information. Besides it is the most popular boxed CMS rated by expert group of the TAGLINE project.

  • java+spring framework

    Universal framework with open-source for Java-platform. There is also a fork for platform .NET Framework, called Spring.NET.

  • ASP.NET MVC Framework

    ASP.NET MVC Framework - a framework for developing web applications that implements template Model-view-controller. This framework is added to ASP.NET by Microsoft.

If you order our maintenance services, you will get a full range of services related to the site support and administration as we will fill, edit, add information and perform other required actions. So you will obtain an IT-department, which will deal with your site and respond to your comments and suggestions. Thus we:

  • will pay hosting, domain and licenses
  • will maintain interest for the site and monitor the latest information
  • will optimize the site in accordance to the requirements of search engines
  • will take care of the protection of the site against viruses, hacker attacks and break-ins
  • will promptly resolve arising problems
  • will ensure uninterrupted operation of the site.

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Breafly about us

Our employees are the talented purposeful and creative youth operating as the single mechanism where each member carries out precisely allotted role. Applying the latest strategy and technologies in our activity, we can help to define the most effective methods of development promoting increase in demand and growth of interest in a brand. We can help with effective search of new markets and also with building effective marketing and advertising strategies.

We don’t stop in our development and regularly attend various seminars and conferences, which allows us to constantly improve our skills and always be aware of new tendencies related to innovation, marketing and advertising. Our youth, enthusiasm and sense of purpose positively affect the quality of our work.

Technological progress doesn’t allow us to stand still in our development. In this regard, we don’t use "today" or "yesterday's" methods, so cooperation with us will allow your company to be always one step ahead.




«Thanks a lot for the development of a corporate site for our company. Employees of the company are friendly; everything is done very professionally and in time, the wishes of our head are taken into account. I would recommend this company for cooperation»....

Kirill Shapovalov

«We express our gratitude to the staff of xPRIDE company for responsible and diligent work. For all the time of cooperation we have put variety of the tasks of promotion and development of sites with which employees of the xPRIDE company successfully...

Artem Kizukevich


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